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Company Introduction

       Since the establishment of Suzhou Nanowin Science and Technology Co., Ltd, with the support of major achievement transformation projects in Jiangsu Province and talent projects at all levels in Suzhou City, after 10 years of research and development, we have completed the complete process development from the independent research and development of material growth equipment to the growth and preparation of GaN single crystal substrate, and the dislocation density of 2-inch GaN single crystal substrate has been reduced to 10⁴cm², reaching the world advanced level. In the past two years, we have completed the key technology development of 4-inch and 6-inch GaN single crystal substrates. At present, GaN single crystal substrate products have been provided to more than 500 customers, basically completed the occupation of the R & D market, is to enhance the production capacity to the enterprise application market development, the key breakthrough direction is blue-green semiconductor laser, high-power power electronic devices, high reliability and high-power microwave devices and other major areas. Nearly one hundred core patents have been filed, and more than one hundred invited reports have been made in various important international academic conferences and industrial forums, and Suzhou Navi has received wide attention from the industry and international counterparts.


Management Team


徐科,男,1970年3月出生,中科院上海光学精密机械研究所获得博士,中国国籍,苏州纳维科技有限公司董事长、江苏第三代半导体研究院院长徐科。2008年入选省“高层次创新创业人才引进计划”,2007年入选姑苏领军人才计划。徐科博士自1996年以来一直从事氮化物外延用衬底材料的晶体生长,曾在非极性GaN的MOCVD生长方面做出开创工作;阐明了极性对InN生长的特殊影响,是国际上最早发现InN窄带隙的研究者之一。2004年归国,在苏州工业园区创办苏州纳维科技有限公司,研发出2inch GaN单晶衬底系列产品,GaN单晶衬底的研制成功和产业化对我国第三代半导体产业跨越发展以及国防领域的核心器件研制具有重要的战略意义。曾主持参加国家重点研究计划、国家自然科学基金重点项目、江苏省科技成果重大专项项目、苏州市姑苏人才、苏州工业园区领军人才项目等20余项,在项目执行期间,入选科技部中青年领军科技人才;关于氮化镓单晶衬底的研究成果入选基金委信息学部十二五优秀成果汇编;入选科技部重大研发计划战略性新型电子材料专家组成员并任第三代半导体材料专家组副组长;入选国家重大新材料与应用工程专家组并参与编写第三代半导体材料到2030年的发展规划等。

Wang Jianfeng - General Manager of Suzhou Navi Technology Co.

Born in October 1979, he received his B.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Wuhan University in 2001 and 2006 (jointly trained with the Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Sciences), and has been engaged in the preparation and industrial development of GaN single crystal substrates since then. For GaN growth equipment, Dr. Wang Jianfeng innovatively introduced an in-situ optical monitoring system to achieve real-time monitoring of growth rate and stress, which greatly promoted GaN material development; since the past 5 years, he has deeply studied the HVPE growth mechanism and defect evolution mechanism of GaN, and used intermediate layer methods such as periodic masks and GaN nanopillar arrays to obtain crack-free, high-quality GaN materials with performance up to that of similar methods publicly reported. The performance reached the best value (dislocation density <10⁵cm², room temperature electron mobility 1100cm²/V-s) publicly reported by similar methods so far; using doping technology, the development of 2-inch non-doped, N-type doped and semi-insulation compensated doped GaN single crystal substrates was achieved. Since the last 3 years, the preliminary preparation of 4-inch GaN single-crystal substrate has been realized. As the project leader and core personnel to participate in the Ministry of Science and Technology 863 projects, international cooperation projects, Natural Science Foundation projects, the Chinese Academy of Sciences STS projects, more than 10, declared more than 20 related core patents, in ICNS, APWS and other important international conferences to make invited reports 5 times. The project applicant has won the China Industry-University-Research Promotional Innovation Achievement Award, the Lu Jiaxi Young Talent Award of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Suzhou Model Worker Award.

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