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Product Applications

Radio Frequency Electronics

GaN material-based RF devices, with the advantages of high power, high efficiency, high temperature resistance, irradiation resistance, etc., is the most ideal semiconductor RF electronic devices to date.

Power Electronics

The mainstream development trend of power electronics, higher voltage, higher current, higher efficiency, smaller size, higher reliability, from a single power conversion to "energy router development", the need to faster, with higher efficiency to deal with higher power energy.

New Display Field

GaN single crystal: smaller size, higher resolution, chip wavelength consistency, smaller leakage current, higher efficiency under low current drive, homogeneous epitaxial MicroLED technology on the road to "Moore's Law".

Full Color Laser Display

Light-emitting diode (LED) has a series of advantages such as high lighting efficiency, rich colors, energy saving, long service life, fast response time, small size, and robust light source.

High Power RF Devices

In the semiconductor laser family, mid-infrared or near-infrared lasers (830nm/1064nm) are important components, but one important member is missing - short-wave (visible) lasers, i.e. lasers in the blue and green wavelengths.

High Power Electronic Power Devices

MESFET, HFET, MODFET, HBT; RF power transistors; high frequency MMIC; high voltage electronics; high temperature electronics; mixed signal GaN/Si integration.

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