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Process 2022-09-26
Process flow of a typical GaN RF device
The process of a typical GaN RF device consists of the following stages: epitaxial growth - device isolation - ohmic contact (making source and drain) - nitride passivation - gate fabrication - field plate fabrication - substrate thinning - substrate through-hole, etc.
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New 2022-09-26
New advances in GaN X-band GaN amplifiers and blocking converters
Diamond Microwave, a UK-based high performance microwave power amplifier company, has recently announced a range of compact microwave GaN-based pulsed solid state power amplifiers (SSPAs), including 200W and 400WX band SSPAs, as well as the upcoming addition of a 1kW C-band amplifier design and a 1kW X-band amplifier.
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【DisplayTimes】Korea's 2022-09-26
【DisplayTimes】Korea's KAIST develops soft vertical micro LEDs for stimulating, activating the brain and controlling behavior
A Korean academic team has developed a soft vertical micro LED technology that can be placed in the brain of animals to control their actions with light, which is suitable for biomedical fields such as brain research and can also be used in smart phones, mobile device displays and wearable lighting products.
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Gallium 2022-09-26
Gallium Nitride|U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory develops new method for growing flexible gallium nitride, with significant implications for RF devices
The US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has announced that it has discovered a new method of growing and transferring gallium nitride (GaN) that lays the foundation for future fifth-generation, high-speed, flexible communications systems.
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