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Development History

With the support of Jiangsu Provincial Major Achievement Transformation Project (2007), National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), 863 projects and key R&D programs of Ministry of Science and Technology, industrialization demonstration projects of Development and Reform Commission, as well as national and provincial and municipal leading talent projects, relying on the research platform of Suzhou Institute of Nanotechnology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Suzhou Navi has continued to plow deep in the growth and industrialization technology of GaN single crystal materials and achieved a series of innovative breakthroughs. At present, we can provide standard GaN single crystal substrates from 2 to 4 inches and customize single crystal substrates of specific size and specification.

We are committed to the research and development of GaN single crystal material growth technology and equipment, to develop new methods and breakthroughs, to be the global leader in GaN single crystal technology, to be the best supplier of GaN single crystal substrate, and to grow into a Chinese enterprise with outstanding contribution to the global new generation semiconductor technology.




Ø 2 inch dislocation density 10⁶cm-².


Ø 2 inch volume production pilot test, dislocation density 10⁵ cm-².


Ø 2 inch achieved in mass production, Ø 4 inch prototype. R&D horizontal dislocation density 10⁴ cm-².


Ø 4 inch mass production technology, Ø 6 inch key technology. Development of horizontal dislocation density 10³cm-².


Ø 2 inch mass production, Ø 4 inch low volume supply, Ø 7 inch prototype development. Dislocation density: 10³cm-² at R&D level, 10⁵cm-² at volume production level.


Ø 2 inch mass production, Ø 4 inch mass production capability, Ø 6 inch mass supply, Ø 8 inch mass production technology Dislocation density: 10²cm-² at R&D level, 10⁴cm-² at volume production level.


Ø 2~8 inch mass production technology Comprehensive support: visible lasers, advanced micron LEDs, broad spectrum RF devices, high efficiency power electronics, high reliability power devices, very low dislocation density electrical performance leadership.

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